If you have bought or acquired a good vehicle, it’s fairly common knowledge that you wash it every so often. Yet, to preserve and protect your vehicle, there is a next-level type of care called auto detailing. There are some real benefits to getting your car detailed beyond making your car or truck look stunning. That is why we are going to go over 7 reasons to have your car detailed.

Difference Between a Car Wash and Detailing.

To many people, these two terms mean the same, when in fact they are far from being the same thing. Car washes can come in different forms, from drive-thru’s to handwashing. Car washes remove surface-level dirt and debris from your car’s exterior and interior. Detailing is using a combination of handwashing and machines to go beyond just the surface debris to provide a deep clean of the exterior and interior of your vehicle to make it like new again.

Reasons to Have Your Car Detailed.

Preserves Your Paint and Upholstery.

Houston is a dirty city, as most cities are. That dust, grime, debris, and pollen can really dull up and mess up your paint job, and the upholstery inside your vehicle. Getting your car detailed can help safely remove debris and grime that causes deep scratches to your paint job. To protect your paint job professional-grade wax is applied to the exterior to provide that extra layer of protection.

When it comes to the upholstery a deep clean is applied with protective solvents. If your interior is leather, a protective and moisturizer is applied to prevent cracking and tears. For soft surfaces, a shampoo may be involved to lift stains and a fabric guard applied to prevent future stains.

More than Looks, It Helps Performance

Detailing is more than just about washing and waxing your car to get them outside to look great. Detailing involves cleaning out the engine as well. All the different particles in Houston’s air can get into your engine. When you get your car detailed by a reputable shop, like with us at Paradise Car Wash The Heights, all those particles get removed from the engine, allowing your car to run smoothly and at lowers temperatures.

Your Vehicle Last Longer.

When your vehicle’s engine has been cleaned in your auto detailing, it not only performs better but lasts longer. Your engine has less stress because it’s not having to work so hard because it’s all choked up with grime. Also, your interior and exterior will not only be cleaned but protected. That, in turn, will also help extend the lifespan of the vehicle.

Safer for You to Drive.

Safety may not be something you immediately think of when thinking of getting your car detailed. Yet, this is Houston, and at times it rains a lot. When you are driving I-45 or the Katy Freeway, you want to be able to see where you are going. The glass coating applied when you get your car detailed can help dramatically improve your driving visibility. The water will bead off the glass at speed making visibility much higher. The glass will remain cleaner as well since less dirt and contaminants will stick to it. The wipers will also perform much better on a coated windshield. Also, headlight cleaning and coating can help both your wet weather driving and your nighttime driving. 

Improving the Air Quality Inside Your Car.

If the inside of your vehicle has not been detailed, then it is very likely you have dust and allergens inside with you as you drive. When you to turn on your a/c in this Houston heat, those dust particles and allergens gets kicked up into your face and you can breathe it in. The deep cleaning that the car detailing provides removes dust and allergens from your vehicle. This means your vehicle will smell better and your health is better protected.

Increasing Your Resale Value.

Most car owners do not own the car for the entire lifespan of the car. That means selling or trading your vehicle off. The more maintained your paint job, interior and engine are, the higher resale value you will get when you decide to sell your vehicle. There are some estimates that you could get up to 15 percent more than your vehicle’s average resale if you have your vehicle detailed on both the inside and outside prior to putting it up for sale.

Maintain Your Brand and Image.

They say don’t judge a book by its cover but tell that to the designer that designed the cover. In truth, we do just that all the time. Like it or not, many professionals rely on a degree of personal appearance, whether it’s in sales to get or maintain clients or in trying to land that new position. According to a Forbes survey, 95% of employers agree personal appearance or presentation is a determining factor when deciding if someone is a good fit for a job. While getting your car detailed may not seem like it fits into this point, would you trust a real estate agent that pulls up in a dirty, scratched-up car to sell you a 1.1 million dollar home?

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